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How Can Blogging Help Our Brains

Today I came across the article Brain of the Blogger in which the author explains his hypothesis that blogging has beneficial affects on our brains and can help to develop critical and analytical thinking.

Although I’ve been seriously blogging only for a short time, I can already agree with most of the ideas presented in the article. Keeping a blog makes you analyze what you read more deeply because whenever you see an interesting idea you feel the need to share it with others through your blog. And as publishing new posts is so easy that you don’t need to worry about the technology behind it, you can just focus your mind on how to best present this new ideas to the readers of your blog.

Also, for me reading other people’s blogs is very stimulating not only because I pick up many new ideas and points of view, but also because you can see so many different forms of expression (both verbally and visually).

And finally, I also think that blogs bring back the fun to “surfing the web” that we had when first web sites appeared online in the 90ies. And it’s not just fun - from my personal experience following links between blogs can be a great learning experience - and I can only humbly hope that my blog can be part of a learning experience for its readers :)

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