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MIC'06: Communication in a Virtual Classroom (Abstract)

Here’s the abstract for the article Communication in a virtual classroom that I will be presenting at the MIC’06 conference. I will post the link to the full article when the conference publication is published online.

Internet is a communication information technology that can be used for different activities, including online learning. As with traditional learning, communication is an important aspect of the interaction between teachers and students. In this paper we try to present the communicational view of online learning and the unique issues that must be taken in account when using Internet for pedagogical activities. Our research showed that differences in relationships, communication comfort and forms of communication emerge in online learning. We also found out that Internet can be used for successful learning based communication, provided that the participants have sufficiently developed skills for online communication.

Keywords: online learning, communication, learning flexibility, online relationships

Originally published at http://ialja.blogspot.com/2006/11/mic06-communication-in-virtual.html