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The Apple iPhone Is (Finally) Here!

Wow, Steve Job’s Keynote at MacWorld 2007 has just finished… and wow is all I can say for now about the new Apple iPhone :-D For anyone who missed the Keynote here’s Engadget live report and the first iPhone news. Why the new Apple gadget (much more than just a mobile phone) is called iPhone still remains a mystery (didn’t Cisco own that name?).

Anyhow, the iPhone has a really revolutionary multi-touch screen that looks pretty simple and efficient (I can’t wait to get my fingers on one!) and it runs Mac OS X so it’s much much faster than current Symbian based “smartphones”. That is why I really think it’ll also be a great learning device (although the price will be quite high for some time). What else is there to say but: keep them coming Apple! Personally I can’t wait for an improved iWork suite - hopefully with track changes and cross references ;)

For more info on the iPhone check out the new site: http://www.apple.com/iphone/

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