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A List of Basic Resources on Web 2.0 Concepts and Tools

These days I’m busy revising and rewriting some study materials for our E-business course. In this year we’ll hopefully be adding a chapter dedicated to currently popular web tools and concepts. For this purpose I’ve written a quick guide to some Web 2.0 concepts and tools (although I think that the best way for our students to learn about Web 2.0 would be to let them create their own study material using collaboration and Web 2.0 tools).

In this post I’m sharing a list* of web resources that were the most useful to me while writing about these concepts. I hope the listed resources might also be useful (or at least interesting) for you.

Web 2.0 defined:
Web 2.0 related concepts:
About wikis:
Some public wikis that might be interesting for our students:
  • Wikibooks (freely available wiki books - for business students there’s also a business bookshelf)
  • Wikiversity (learning materials and activities)
  • Wikimapia (a wiki system that uses Google maps and on which you can add info about locations all around the world)
  • Wiktionary (a wiki dictionary)
About blogs/blogging:
About web feeds:

*Do note that this is a very basic list of resources. If you think I’ve missed any important or interesting links please leave me a comment :)

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