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Digital Ethnography Group on YouTube

Remember the Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us video that presented the Web 2.0 concept under 5 minutes (I also posted it on my blog)? It got a lot of (deserved) attention in the edu blogosphere and recently the final version of the video was posted on YouTube. As it seems, we can expect more great videos like this from the Digital Ethnography group, guided by Michael Wesch at the Kansas State University. They’ve just released a new video: Introducing our YouTube Ethnography Project, in which the students and their professor present themselves and invite all of us to interact with them through YouTube. Take a look:
A visit to their blog is also suggested.

I think their project is a really interesting one - not just for the fields of ethnography and anthropology. For educators that are exploring possible uses of technology in education this project is a great example of what a powerful tool Web 2.0 has become. These students are now able to interact with a global audience and get valuable feedback on their work from all around the world in different media formats. Wow! All I can say is - thumbs up for the Digital Ethnography group! I hope to see (and also participate in) more projects like this in the future.

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