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View Blogger Labels in a Label Cloud

If you are a faithful reader of my blog (ah, the dreams of a young blogger ;) ) you might have noticed that my post labels are now organized in a tag (label) cloud. How cool is that? :) Yesterday, a reader reminded me that I haven’t wrote a word about how to achieve this, and I must admit I simply forgot to post about this *blushes* (thanks Dino for the reminder!).

So, if you’re blogging on the new blogger and want to get a label cloud, just follow these simple instructions. Don’t be afraid when you see all the code (though make sure to backup your existing blog template before you try anything new!). Mainly it’s just copy and paste, and the author provided a great explanation on how to customize the settings of the label cloud. I just wish I had a label cloud when I started blogging. I always felt so limited by the default label view because I don’t like long lists and it was sometimes so hard to limit myself to using just 10 labels. Now the label cloud might seem a bit messier, but I think it’s just a better visualization of the purpose and topics I like to blog about :)

And by the way, here are a few links about tag clouds:

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