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'Out of Office' Notice

Tonight I’m leaving for a short vacation in Egypt, so I’ll probably be offline for the next week (from May 20th until May 27th). That means there will be no new posts on my blogs, and that I will be unable to send you Joost invites in the next week (but if you don’t mind the wait feel free to send me a request by email and I’ll respond when I get back). If you mail me (ialja(at)mac(dot)com) or IM me in Second Life I’ll get back to you after my return. I’ll try to bring some nice pictures with me :)

Unfortunately I’ll miss the Second Life Best Practices Conference, so I tried to contributed my part in advance by making the conference logo. I hope many of you will attend the event in my place, and I’m looking forward to read some great blog posts about the event and seeing some nice pictures on Flickr :)

I will certainly be back online and in-world in one week. Upon my return I will also write my goals (I’ve just been tagged for the first time :) ), so stay tuned!

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