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Join Us at Bloggers Cafe!

In case you haven’t heard yet: edubloggers now have a new place to get together in Second Life at the brand new Bloggers Cafe.The Bloggers Cafe is an attempt to keep the conversation that started at this year’s NECC going (and it is of course a great opportunity for all of us that missed NECC to join in the conversation). You can visit the Bloggers Cafe on Eduisland II, on land that was kindly offered by Ryan Bretag (aka Existential Pain). Also, don’t forget to join both the SL and the RL group (set up by Jennifer Wagner) and have your blog added to the virtual blogroll at the Cafe.
Bloggers Cafe - virtual blogroll
The virtual blogroll wall at the Cafe
For more info about how the Bloggers Cafe started and where it is going see Ryan’s blog. See you all the Bloggers Cafe! :)

Originally published at http://ialja.blogspot.com/2007/07/join-us-at-bloggers-cafe.html