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Presentation: Second Life and Beyond

In the past few weeks I’ve been curiously exploring Jaiku, Twitter, and even Facebook (more about those in future posts); and that is mostly why I haven’t been posting to my blog as much as I would like to. Another thing I’ve been doing is trying out different virtual worlds (There, Kaneva, Multiverse, …). I was curious to see if Second Life is really the best in social virtual worlds we currently got. And I must say I now appreciate my Second Life more :)

The reason behind my “virtual worlds exploration” is that I will probably have to do some introductory presentations about virtual worlds (and in particular Second Life) in the next few months, and that is also why I spent the past week making a “master presentation” on the subject. My goal was to create a presentation with a brief explanation of what virtual worlds are, of what is Second Life, and of different things we can do with Second Life. And here is the result:
I think this presentation can be used for different audiences by taking out some slides, so I hope you will also find it useful for some of your presentations. As it is meant as an introductory presentation, I didn’t focus on details, but rather on presenting the key facts and some of the most attractive aspects of virtual worlds and Second Life. I posted the presentation on SlideShare along with comments for each slides with links to sources I used, so I suggest you take a look at those comments as well. And of course: your comments/suggestions regarding this presentation are welcome either on SlideShare or on this post :)

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