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Taking Another Week Off

As some of you already know, I’m taking another week off next week. This time I’m going to sunny Greece, and I won’t be taking my laptop or have internet access, so it’ll be a real offline holiday. I’ll be back on Monday, the 13th, and until then I won’t be answering my mails or other messages (Facebook, Second Life etc). But I’m planning on having a little experiment with Twitter on my cell phone. I’ll post some updates from my phone during the next week (I’m just telling my mom how she can receive notifications :) ), and I’ve also turned on mobile notifications for some of my favorite contacts. I’m really curious about how this will work out :)

So, I’ll be posting again after I return, and hopefully I’ll have some nice photos to upload to Flickr :) (I’m such a Web 2.0 addict!)

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