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Another Second Life Presentation Announcement

I’m having a really interesting week in Second Life: last night I was a guest speaker of a Second Life event for the first time, and today I have the pleasure of announcing another in-world appearance. Grace McDunnough, Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon guest host for this week, invited Jan (my business partner) and me to talk about our company, online communities and about what we’ve both learned about Second Life and virtual worlds in general. If that sounds interesting, please join us for a discussion this Saturday, February 23rd, from 1 PM to 3 PM SLT at Extropia Core. You can read the event announcement here.

If you want to know more about my presentation at ISTE last night, you can read a summary on Kevin’s blog, check out the slides on SlideShare, and there are event some nice pics from the event on Flickr. If you’d like a transcript of the event (generously provided by Veritas Variscan), IM me in-world and I’ll send you a notecard. And a big thank you to everyone that attended my presentation!

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