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Sharable Bits: Living on Facebook, Buildings Coming Alive, Work Smarter

On Sharable Bits: I decided to start a series of weekly posts that will highlight some of the most interesting bits and bytes that I stumble upon. No bad news, just ideas that inspire, touch or entertain.

Video: A life on Facebook

Why it’s worth sharing: A life story told through Facebook status updates. Great music, great execution, the video makes you wonder about how our lives are seen through Facebook. On a related note, it’s worth reading about why some teens deactivate their FB accounts every time they log out to keep total control of what their friends post about them. Facebook as a perfect, edited record of our lives?

Video: Buildings coming alive with 3D projections

Why it’s worth sharing: Though an article on Mashable I came across the amazing work by NuFormer, a company that does incredible life-like 3D projections on buildings. It’s mostly commercial work for various corporate clients, but I think their approach to bringing buildings alive is just awesome. It’s great how their technology fits right in with the architecture of various building and how it adds another layer of experience to familiar object. I really hope to see/experience one of their projections live someday.

Idea: Working smarter not harder

Clive Shepherd reminds us that working harder is not always better, what matters is working smarter. He also shares the quote by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson from ReWork:
“Not only is workaholism unnecessary, it’s stupid. Working more doesn’t mean you care more or get more done. It just means you work more.” 
(… more exerpts from ReWork)
Why it’s worth sharing: It’s good to remember that recharging your batteries now and then is ok. Don’t get caught into the state of super busy, in which never ending meetings, shuffling papers and e-mails keep you busy, but don’t allow you to get any real work done. Stop for a minute, think, breath, and figure out how to work smarter.

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