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Sharable Bits: Rethinking Innovation, Attention and Social Games

Idea: Rethink the status quo by looking at the big picture

“Facebook to launch e-mail killer” - a popular headline on tech blogs before this week’s Facebook special event dedicated to their Messages service. But luckily, Facebook didn’t listen and didn’t launch (yet another) e-mail service. They tried to think about the way we communicate in a different way. Let’s take a look at the simple idea behind the new Messages with social inbox:

Why it’s worth sharing: Revolutionary design of a new product or service usually happens when you look at everything you know with a fresh perspective. It’s not about adding a long list of features, it’s not about pleasing the tech crowd. It’s about figuring out what works and what people need (not say they want). And while Facebook doesn’t always get things right, they do have the guts to think outside the box and seem to have a real passion about enabling stronger connections among friends. Kudos for that!

Idea: What are you doing to deserve the attention?

Ewan McIntosh uses a dialog from the movie The Social Network to remind us that we often assume we have (or deserve) the attention of our students, colleagues, and other audiences. Let’s take a look at this great clip from the movie:

Why it’s worth sharing: Stop assuming people will listen or care about what you have to say just because you’re talking. Be prepared to earn the attention, trust and respect from your listeners. And that means not just caring about what you’re talking about, but being prepared to present your message in a way that is relevant to the listeners. Want a good case study? Head over to Danah Boyd’s blog and read about why “Bullying” Has Little Resonance with Teenagers.

Blog post: Social Games are here to stay

Why it’s worth sharing: It’s popular to dismiss the success of social games like FarmVille as a fad. But, as Ravi Mehta points out in his Mashable post, social games fill an important niche in the social web and are evolving with new approaches to social fun. And here’s my favorite quote from the post:
“Throughout the history of entertainment media, content has been developed in short and long formats. Five hundred page novels, full-length feature films and television mini-series coexist harmoniously with blogs, 30-minute sitcoms and two-minute YouTube videos. Why? Because each format serves a different purpose and, without subsuming the other formats, manages to engage users in unique ways and for different reasons.”

Sharable Bits is a series of weekly posts that will highlight some of the most interesting bits and bytes that I stumble upon. No bad news, just ideas that inspire, touch or entertain in a unique way.

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