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Google Page Creator: Simplicity and Power

I already revealed myself as a Google fan in one of my previous posts and again there’s some great news coming from Google that can be in my opinion be useful in education. Here’s the thing - Google Page Creator now has some extra powerful features. As described in the post Simplicity and power, you can now edit images you upload to Google Page Creator within the browser (not in Safari though :( ), you can multiple sites with different addresses and the feature I’m most exited about: all sites made with Google Page Creator have a mobile edition without you having to move a finger! Now that is cool! I really appreciate all the support Google is giving to mobile devices.

These new feature and the existing simplicity of the service yet again confirm my opinion that our students should be using web publishing tools to make web sites. Goodbye FrontPage, hello Google Page Creator! Making web sites is now easy, intuitive and when necessary you can still edit the HTML code (that is if you’re a geek like me and want to have complete control of the code :) ) But for our students Google Page Creator is in my opinion a wonderful tool to learn about how web sites work, practice linking in between sites and plan the structure of a site - which is after all what they’ll mostly be required to understand in their professional lives. And most importantly - tools like that give the students the freedom to focus on the content and forget about the dull (for most of the students) technical details of what they are doing.

We’re still discussing about how to restructure the E-business course for the next year and though many options are still open (wikis, blogs) I really think Google Page Creator is a serious player in this game!

(By the way: Here’s my first Google Page :) Easy to make, easy to publish.)

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