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Report: First Slovenian Moodle Moot

The first Slovenian Moodle Moot took place yesterday in Koper (my hometown :) ). The Moot was hosted at my faculty, and we had over 60 delegates from all over our country (and also abroad). We were able to listen to over 30 interesting presentations, during which we learned about how Moodle is being used in different schools, at different levels, and for different course subjects. It was also a great opportunity to meet new people, exchange ideas, and also have a great time on the Slovenian coast (we managed to arrange a nice, warm and sunny day ;) ).

Most of the conference was in Slovenian, but we also had an international section, in which our Austrian and Italian friends presented their work. I was especially excited about having our Austrian friends over, whom we actually met through moodle.org! Thank you so much Peter and Sabrina for coming and presenting some of your work! :)

Here is a photo from the beginning of the international section, with me as the section moderator, and Peter and Sabrina preparing for their presentation, which was supported by Persony, a really great web conferencing tool:

Photo by Alen Ježovnik

At the conference I also presented my own paper on the subject of Sloodle. My presentation was the last of the day, and I think I did a decent job - judging from the feedback from the audience and their questions :) After the conference I also had a brief presentation of Second Life for those that were interested, and I hope I managed to present the existing potential of virtual worlds well enough.

So, the event was delivered without any major problems, and I think that all of our delegates were able to find something useful at our first Moodle Moot. I definitely hope we’ll have another event like this again in the next year.

I’d like to finish this report by posting my own Sloodle presentation, and the two videos I’ve used during my presentation (I only had 10 minutes to present everything, so I had to keep the videos short). Here are the slides I used (translated in English):

A short video about Second Life (it was played on slide 3):

And a short demonstration of how the Sloodle Toolbar works (played on slide 7):

(By the way: we also had my Moodle presentation video playing in the coffee room and before the start of the conference.)

If you’d like to know more about our conference or my presentation, please leave a comment here or email me (ialja(at)mac(dot)com).

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