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First Slovenian Graduate in Media Communications

With joy and pride I am excited to announce that yesterday I successfully made the last step towards my bachelor degree in Media Communications. Yesterday I presented my diploma work (dealing with the role of online tutors in e-learning) at my faculty, and officially became the first Slovenian graduate in Media Communications (the news even got some press coverage). I was among the first generation of this new study, and although being the first to deal with this relatively new subject was not always easy, I’m really satisfied that my undergraduate study is finally over. Despite many problems, I’ve learned quite some new things, especially about the characteristic of communication, informatics, and graphic design that I will able to use in my future work.
During yesterday’s presentation
Now I’m of course already looking towards the future and searching for an interesting postgraduate study program. I’d like to continue to work and study in the field of e-learning and instructional design, and I would really welcome any suggestions of a good postgraduate study in this field (preferably online). Please leave a comment or e-mail me (ialja(at)mac(dot)com) if you know of any - I really need some help here :)

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