The longer version

The internet is in a bit of a strange place right now when it comes to social networks. I used to be active on Twitter, but you can probably imagine why I left. I tried Mastodon, enjoyed it for a while, but eventually found it to be too much of an echo chamber.

In a surprising twist of events, you can now connect with me on TikTok. Yes, I know it’s got its share of problems. Yet, it still manages to be the social platform where I’m learning the most and that doesn’t fuel my anxiety like Twitter used to.

I also use LinkedIn somewhat regularly, but I’m not playing its algorithmic game, so it’s very likely you won’t see my posts even if you follow me there.

That’s precisely why I built this blog and have RSS feeds for blog posts and videos that you can subscribe to. (In case you’re wondering, Feedly is the RSS reader I currently use, and I use Raindrop for bookmarks and sharing articles I find worth reading.) Still, RSS is read-only, so I’m wondering whether a newsletter that you can reply to might be a better option. I’ll let you know.

It’s pretty sad that I feel like I have to defend my choices, isn’t it? Yeah, it certainly feels like there are no good choices to be made other than retreating into safe private communities. As tempting as that is, I still believe that making new connections over the internet is generally a good idea, so these are the compromises I currently make. (And I’ll update this page if anything changes.)

Speaking of communities, I’m currently an active member of the community on Slack. It’s a pretty friendly place, so join us if you’re interested in climate action as a tech worker.

And finally, you can visit my main website for info on my work and contact details. Feel free to email me if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions. I’m not always good at replying to emails, but you can improve your chances by introducing yourself, not trying to sell me stuff, and not expecting me to prioritize your needs.

Eventually, I might add comments on this blog, but I’m still looking for a decent solution without excessive tracking.