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Thumbnail of the video Cease fire.

Cease fire.

TikTok · 02:15 · Nov 13, 2023

What else do we have to witness live to rethink the stories we tell and start valuing all life on planet Earth? What human values are we aligning our AI models to?

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Thumbnail of the video 2hr meetings

2hr meetings

TikTok · 06:40 · Sep 1, 2023

Everyone loves to hate meetings, but the problem is not with taking the time to meet with people, but rather that we don’t make enough time for quality, in-depth, relationship building meetings. I think we should make time for at least one or two 2 hour meetings each week with max 3 people. (And have fewer unsatisfying short ones.)

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Thumbnail of the video Green web development tips

Green web development tips

TikTok · 03:38 · Aug 30, 2023

Just because it’s digital, it doesn’t mean it’s clean and green. I share three basic tips on how you can reduce the carbon footprint of your websites and a couple of links that can help you learn more about green web development:

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Thumbnail of the video Witcher's code

Witcher's code

TikTok · 01:13 · Aug 19, 2023

What if we took a note from Geralt of Rivia and used our guild’s code as an excuse to get out of icky feature requests? At least until we can actually agree on our guild’s code of ethics.

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Thumbnail of the video AI Cassandras (part 2)

AI Cassandras (part 2)

TikTok · 03:12 · Aug 17, 2023

Learn more about the work of the AI Cassandras profiled in the Rolling Stone article and other women in the field of artificial intelligence.

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Thumbnail of the video AI Cassandras (part 1)

AI Cassandras (part 1)

TikTok · 05:08 · Aug 17, 2023

Highlights from the Rolling Stone article about five AI experts, all women of color, who have been trying to warn us about the risks and harms of artificial intelligence – and were, in some cases, fired for sounding the alarm.

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Thumbnail of the video GPTBot rant

GPTBot rant

TikTok · 02:37 · Aug 14, 2023

A short rant about how we let OpenAI and other companies scrape our data without our permission. We now have the ability to block the GPTBot web crawler, but why is this opt out instead of opt in?

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Thumbnail of the video Why does ChatGPT lie?

Why does ChatGPT lie?

TikTok · 01:34 · Aug 13, 2023

When using ChatGPT, keep in mind what it was actually designed to do: generate plausible sounding text. For now, fact checking remains in your capable human hands!

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Thumbnail of the video AI ethics & gender (part 2)

AI ethics & gender (part 2)

TikTok · 04:18 · Aug 10, 2023

Women and other marginalized people have been making the most significant contributions to the field of AI ethics – and suffering the consequences of speaking up –, yet we keep elevating the voices of tenured men who often take a surprisingly long time to realize the possible misuses and negatives impacts of their work.

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