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500 Days of Writing 750 Words Each Day

I already blogged about why I write at least 750 words each day when I reached one straight year of regular writing. Today I’m celebrating another milestone: 500 days of interrupted writing. In other words: I’ve just added a Space Bird, the ultimate streak badge you can earn, to my collection!

That makes me quite happy, but also opens a couple of questions. Where to next? Should I continue writing? Try to keep increasing my streak, see how far I can take it?

I think the answer is yes. I am a better writer thanks to the site. I just wish I could now find something similar to improve proofreading abilities on my own texts, heh. I also think I’m a stronger person due to having achieved a crazy little goal like writing something, anything really for 500 straight days. And I’m not talking about writing for work. I’m talking about writing for the sake of writing. Writing through the really good and the really bad days. In sickness and health, if you wish. 750 words has seen it all.

Yes, the answer is definitely yes. I need to keep doing this.

Side note: after May 1st 750words.com will start charging a monthly subscription for new members. As an existing user, I’ll have the privilege of getting a lifetime free account. But I’ve been a patron for quite a while and will keep donating as often as I can to keep the site running. If you stumble on these words after May 1st and are wondering whether to start paying after your 30 day free trial, I can assure you: it’s worth having someone pressure you into writing each and every day.