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Pathfinders Newmoonsletter, April 2024

We play responsibility hot potato with Big Tech as we try to understand how AI is supposed to benefit humanity when being raised under poor parental guidance and a nutritionally deficient data diet.

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Pathfinders Newmoonsletter, March 2024

We look for playfulness as AI golems track mud everywhere, white people get upset for the wrong reasons, and companies attempt to further abdicate responsibility by blaming it on the AI chatbot.

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Meet ETHOS: A Seedling for Reflective Tech Practice with Big Dreams

At Tethix, we have a big vision for ETHOS, the Ethical Tension and Health Operating System. We’re now starting this journey with a seedling app that can help you cultivate a daily reflective practice.

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Pathfinders Newmoonsletter, February 2024

As the new moon rises, we ponder AI, AGI, and NGI by taking notes from Swifties, deal with cognitive dissonance, take a sneak peek at ETHOS, and glance up into the sky and future for inspiration.

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Pathfinders Newmoonsletter, January 2024

Welcome to the first new moon of 2024, during which we wish billionaires realized they’re Saruman rather than Legolas, wonder about AI, embodied ethics, lab-grown brains, Polish train hackers & more.

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Pathfinders Newmoonsletter, December 2023

Make it more absurd: more drama, more AI, more smoke and mirrors. As the new moon rises, we attempt to counter the absurdity and drama with elephants, rainbow mirrors, and sparks for conversations.

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We looked into a Rainbow Mirror to explore a preferable AI-powered future and found love

A reflection on the event Mythopoetic Sense-Making of Our AI Future, which Tethix hosted in partnership with RSA Oceania and Co-Labs.

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Cease fire.

What else do we have to witness live to rethink the stories we tell and start valuing all life on planet Earth? What human values are we aligning our AI models to?

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Pathfinders Newmoonsletter, November 2023

As the new moon rises, we look for fogbows amidst the AI fog and climate doom by shining a mythopoetic light on perspectives often ignored, inspired by ancient wisdom and love for life on planet Earth.

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Discovering stories about digital workplaces like Slack that can cultivate a culture of collective wisdom and care

What stories are our digital workplaces currently telling us, and how might we imagine and tell different stories that help us embody responsibility?

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Taking the scenic route in product development

Why GPS-like product development practices such as agile should be enriched by taking detours with moral imagination and pathfinding.

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Pathfinders Newmoonsletter, October 2023

As the new moon rises, we plant pledges, come together for collective futurecrafting, and imagine rainbows mirrors for existential hope.

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