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We looked into a Rainbow Mirror to explore a preferable AI-powered future and found love

A reflection on the event Mythopoetic Sense-Making of Our AI Future, which Tethix hosted in partnership with RSA Oceania and Co-Labs.

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Cease fire.

What else do we have to witness live to rethink the stories we tell and start valuing all life on planet Earth? What human values are we aligning our AI models to?

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A polar bear cub is harmed every time you use ChatGPT

I know, I know, the title of this post is atrociously click-baity. But if we allow Big Tech to get away with making outrageous claims about how their technology is saving humanity and release software that hallucinates, I hope you can forgive me for using the same tactic to bring up an important ...

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Leaning into our messy human experiences in a world of generative AI

I’m probably not alone in having a bit of an existential crisis as I see generative AI convincingly imitate human skills. Sure, you can argue that these AI models are just reshuffling words and pixels and other bits of language, but a lot of the work humans do can be described in similar ways. Th...

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Questioning the magic of digital oracles and the men behind the AI curtain

We seem to have an affinity towards the belief that we can influence the world through spells, prayers, incantations, affirmations. And now digital oracles have emerged on our screens that we can bend to our will through spells that have been rebranded as prompts. We call the digital oracles arti...

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Responsible AI needs responsible humans – like you

It’s great to see people talking about responsibility and AI in the same sentence. But the phrase “responsible AI” is really starting to bother me. It implies that responsibility is somehow a feature of machine learning models. It shifts our attention away from activities where humans should be t...

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Resources Are All You Need (to demystify ChatGPT and the generative AI tsunami)

If you visit any news or social media website, you’ll likely stumble upon articles about ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence (AI) tools. Opinion pieces, interviews with experts, latest and greatest prompting tips… Among all the buzz and noise, it can be hard to find quality resources to und...

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An open invitation to sit around the digital campfire and tell better stories

I fell in love with the Internet in the 90ies when I discovered I could use it to talk to people from all over the world. As I started building and exploring new worlds in Second Life in 2007, I imagined a future where we can all build experiences that bring us closer together and help us learn m...

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