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Earth Day reflections

This Earth Day, I see yet another "Severe weather" alert on my phone. On LinkedIn, the algorithm keeps boosting the usual posts about productivity and growth, while green companies brag about using resource-hungry LLMs, and every text field on the web now seems eager to rewrite my thoughts using AI…

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A polar bear cub is harmed every time you use ChatGPT

I know, I know, the title of this post is atrociously click-baity. But if we allow Big Tech to get away with making outrageous claims about how their technology is saving humanity and release software that hallucinates, I hope you can forgive me for using the same tactic to bring up an important ...

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CAT Volunteer Profile: Alja Isaković

As part of a series of profiles on (CAT) volunteers, I answered a couple of questions on climate action and related topics for the CAT blog.

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